Current Labs

Integrity Lab

Coming Soon

- Opening up The Depth of Integrity
- What is it?
- The Scope of It’s Importance
- Understanding the Way It Touches and Shapes Our Lives
- Practical Ways to Sharpen It Up, and Bring It In

Communication Lab

Coming Soon

- Radical and powerful training in verbal and non-verbal communication
- Create, and re-create, with Love, all of your relationships. At work, at home, and socially
- Create a life you want

Meditation Lab

Coming Soon

- Deepening Intimacy with Yourself
- Making friends with Your Inner Landscape
- Discovering New Ways of Sensing Your Body
- Learning to Hold Space for Yourself
- Exploring the Depth of Breath

– Introducing the concept of The Labs –



Lab - An Online Interactive Experience:

Anyone interested in the subject and willing to take a risk in trusting the teaching and guidance.

– You need to have a reasonable level of mental stability and emotional maturity.

– Be coachable and willing to try new things.

What students say
Other programs

Dearmouring Training

A-B-C of Dearmouring

4 part training cutting deep into the subject of Transforming & Transmuting Energetic, Behavioural and Emotional Body Armour. Potent Combination of Theory, Practise & Experience.

Dearmouring Online Tutorial

Comprehensive Online Training in Body Dearmouring.

Hours of detailed Explanations and Demonstrations.

Over 50 videos of tuition.

Facilitator Training

Hard Core Training in all aspects of Space Holding and Group Facilitation.