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Welcome to The Meditation Lab!

1 Hour Zoom Session



  • Connection to Pure Presence through Deep Awareness of Body & Breath, giving Space for Love to Fill You Up and Expand Out
  • A Practice of Acceptance of the Now
  • Making friends with Your Inner Landscape
  • Through Stillness, the Body is Being Listened to
  • The Mind Being Watched
  • Becoming Intimate with Your Breath
  • Coming Back to Yourself
  • Learning to Hold Space for Yourself
  • Gaining Alignment
  • Deeply Relaxing
  • Observing the Flow of Energy
  • Feeling Every Part of Your Body, more Aware of the Parts Storing Trapped Emotions or Energy
  • Through stillness, realization of what is present, becomes vivid, and more difficult for the mind tricks to mask it
  • The Best Tool if as a Therapist/Bodyworker You Feel Drained During/After Your Sessions



Coming soon.



Donations based. As much as you feel it’s worth to you. Send it as “Donation” or “Gift”.

PayPal: @dmatuka


Zoom link:
Coming Soon


I look forward to guiding you on this journey soon…



Apr 19 2023
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