Personal Transformation

– Communication Training

– Integrity Restoring & Building

– Movement & Connection Training

– Partnerships Reinvented

What is it?

Personal Transformation is a key to creating a Happy, Fulfilled and Abundant life. 

We focus our Trainings and Retreats on few important topics. Transformation in those fields will radically improve the quality of your life, and will help you manifest reality you wish to create.

Our approach to Personal Transformation is Loving, yet Intense and Direct.

Programs are designed for this day and age, and are super efficient at delivering the promise they claim.

Honestly, all of us are likely candidates for this kind of personal work.

It just depends if you’re ready at this time or not.

You’ll know you’re ready when you had enough of yourself, and the life you created for yourself.

When you get sick and tired of getting sick and tired about certain aspects of your existence.

When you reach a point of realising you live a life you don’t want, and are ready to do something about it, … it’s time to get in touch 🙂

To attend any of our trainings or retreats you need to demonstrate a reasonable level of mental stability and emotional maturity.


Our courses


Communication lies at the core of being human. To be alive requires expressing ourselves. Absolutely everything we are, and do, is constantly expressed or communicated into the space around us.
  • 3 months program. Combination of real life and online training.
  • Radical and powerful training in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Creating with communication.
  • Shift focus and direct energy flow.
  • Create, and re-create with Love, all of your relationships. At work, at home, and socially.
  • Create a life you want.
  • Relate lovingly and powerfully.
  • Get your point across effectively.
  • Make sure your listeners are listening with keen interest.
  • Become a confident public speaker.
  • Skilfully negotiate.
  • Deeply feel and relate to people around you.


Integrity is the backbone of our Being. Developing it is essential step in creating a powerful life.
  • 3 months program. Combination of real life and online training.
  • Restoring integrity. Creating a powerful relationship with your word.
  • Building back-bone and standing in power.
  • Manifesting with freedom and ease.
  • Creating magic by stating words.
  • Becoming a power house in your life.
  • Gaining confidence and self esteem.
  • Directing your life in a direction you want to go.

Movement & Connection

Social eloquence through mastering non-verbal communication and liberating natural body movement.
  • 4 day Intensive.
  • Social eloquence through mastering non-verbal communication.
  • How to touch with love.
  • Re-activate childlike qualities of playful movement.
  • Embodiment, integrity and freedom of movement.

Partnership Reinvented

Recalibrate and redesign your existing relationship in many aspects of it. Giving it fresh energy and clear potential of new direction.

Focus is to recalibrate and redesign your existing relationship in many aspects of it. Giving It fresh energy and clear potential of new direction.

Imagine creating a relationship as powerful partnership. Supportive and relaxing, yet intense and real.

  • Learning new ways of communicating with each other.
  • Practising radical honesty. No filters, no pretending, and no white gloves. Just direct and honest expression of your core truth.
  • Getting your ego in check and seeing the importance of equality on all levels between you.

Ultimately creating a super powerful partnership. One that can help you create magic in your life.

Personal Relationship:

  • Learning to really listen to each other by creating and allowing space of freedom.
  • Being fully expressed and met in your quests for expression.
  • Daring to expose your deepest longings and needs to your partner in a super safe space.
  • Practicing how to touch with love, and how to radiate it, consciously directing it into your partner.
  • Deepening your experience in sensual connection to your partner.
  • Learning and practicing how to lead and how to follow in a sacred dance of polarities.

Business Partnership:

  • Restoring and Rebuilding the trust between partners.
  • Creating a Safe, Harmonious and Respectful working environment.
  • Exploring new ways of thinking and communicating.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Setting clear goals and holding each other to account.


What students say
Other programs

Dearmouring Training

A-B-C of Dearmouring

4 part training cutting deep into the subject of Transforming & Transmuting Energetic, Behavioural and Emotional Body Armour. Potent Combination of Theory, Practise & Experience.

Dearmouring Online Tutorial

Comprehensive Online Training in Body Dearmouring.

Hours of detailed Explanations and Demonstrations.

Over 50 videos of tuition.

Facilitator Training

Hard Core Training in all aspects of Space Holding and Group Facilitation.