Private Sessions with De'an

I Recognise Your Courage to Transform, Honour Your wish to Open Like a Flower, and Respect Your Desire to Become the Best Possible Version of Yourself.

Intensive Private Sessions

One-to-One personal retreat.

Super efficient and designed just for you, with specific needs in mind.
• Combination of real life and online sessions.
• Results are deeply transformative and often life-changing.

Sometimes old pains, traumas and patterns of behaviour can be buried deep inside, and may not be easy to let go of. They need to be addressed over a prolonged period of time in order to truly transform.

At start, we’ll unfold what it is you want to work on. Depending on situation at hand, we can use a variety of powerful techniques and tools to transmute the core of it:

– Coaching and conversation-based dearmouring
– Bodywork
– Energy-work
– Breath-work
– Primal therapy processing (mama-papa work)
– Integrity restoring practices
– Communication training
– Boundary training
– Movement integration

Whatever tools are used, we always focus on restoring balance, trust and compassion in your life.

You’ll learn powerful techniques to use in your life after our work is finished. These tools will give you control of future situations, helping you make the right choices to maximise your fulfilment and freedom.

There are many reasons to have a session like this.

The length of the treatment will depend on your particular needs and will range from a one day to few months of consistent and committed collaboration between us.

Many people find this process very natural – a process that unfolds step-by-step, leaving them in full control of the situation at all times.

Regardless if you are a woman or a man, experienced or not, there are lots of challenges and fears we face in everyday life. If unprocessed, they accumulate in our bodies and can eventually cause us ill health or harm.

As well as helping with these, dearmouring can also help heal the wounds of physical abuse or rape, wounds of mis-treatment of any kind, release stress due to over-working and under-playing, or simply help your body re-member the feeling of pleasure of being alive due to years of neglect.

The results can be life-changing and permanent.

We live in a busy masculine-run world. This causes a lot of stress to our bodies. We have to follow tight work schedules, deal with everyday city-life, meet financial demands, or deal with our partners and their emotional issues. All of this is putting stress on our emotional bodies. Eventually,  if not dealt with, this will manifest in dis-ease, a painful and tired body, a lack of vitality and will to live, depression, lethargy, or any number of modern ills that we put up with in our daily lives.

All of these issues are a result of stress and neglect accumulated in our bodies.

This sessions are a very good way to deal with those symptoms and can help you restore your body to its natural and healthy state.

It can help you:

  • Release various pains stored in your body and heart
  • Feel much more relaxed and vibrant in your body
  • Look and feel younger, and more embodied
  • Open your body to feelings and inner wisdom
  • Increase your confidence

And much, much more…

As a man living in the modern world you are under constant pressure to perform and to deliver.

This, combined with your upbringing, total lack of understanding and support for your feelings, being rediculed or bullied for showing your feelings, or just bluntly being laughed at by your mates for being “weak” or a “pussy”,  makes us men shut down and bottle up our natural, human and god-given right to feel.

With time and constant neglect, we start turning sour and become “emotional time bombs”. This can result in sickness within our bodies, depression, poor performance, low libido, or becoming angry and violent men.

This is not nature’s design for us. We were not born to be like this, and we can change it. Once you start dearmouring and releasing these bottled-up emotions and feelings within a safe and loving container, you will start feeling like a new man:

  • Full of power
  • Present and switched on
  • Grounded and relaxed in your body
  • Confident and calm
  • And potent like a lion

Imagine creating your relationship as powerful partnership. Supportive and relaxing, yet intense and real.

Learning new ways of communicating with each other.

Learning to really listen to each other by creating and allowing space of freedom to express.

Practising radical honesty. No filters, no pretending, and no white gloves. Just direct and honest expression of your core truth.

Getting your ego in check and seeing the importance of equality on all levels between you.

Being fully expressed and met in your quests for expression.

Daring to expose your deepest longings and needs to your partner in a safe space.

Practicing how to touch with love, and how to radiate it, consciously directing it into your partner.

Deepening your experience in sensual connection to your partner.

Learning and practicing how to lead, and how to follow, in a sacred dance of polarities.

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