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List of Practitioners, Therapists and Teachers that we Highly Recommend and Trust.

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Alex Kallivroussis

I am Alex. Specialised in body-oriented sexuality counselling. My modalities include tension, stress, and trauma-releasing exercises TRE, integrative body-oriented counselling IBP as well as various forms of bodywork. My process is based on the connection of somatic learning with the facilitation of cognitive understanding. 

Matt Schwent

I am Matt, a German-born citizen who travelled and taught around the world since 2010. I’ve been a facilitator in the fields of Sacred Sexuality & Tantra for over 20 years. My sessions and teachings are grounded in trauma research and neurophysiology. I consider myself a student of life, inspired by everything that resonates with the key values of connection, transformation, and love.
In my endless search for authentic experience, I have walked many paths, including Tao Yoga, Shamanism, and Energy Work. In 2011, I found my calling within somatic practices & consent, and have continued to study and fine-tune this work ever since.
I developed the Somatic Consent Engagement System in 2019. Since then, I’ve guided thousands of people through their evolutionary process, in settings ranging from festivals, to workshops, to professional private sessions. Please contact me to find out if my guidance is right for you.



Lili Gavrilović

Hi, I’m Lili. An experienced therapist who spent the last 20 years
refining my knowledge of Ayurveda, , Tuina Massage, Traditional Chinese Massage, Reflexology, Breathing and Yoga. I’m a pioneer of dearmouring  in Slovenia. Still exploring this work, combining therapeutic modalities of body, mind and energy. In the course of my research I’ve gone through many layers of healing, gaining a strong ability to hold space for the transformations that happen at the individual and group level of this work. Founder and creative director of Lili Studio, a collective of cool people running powerful workshops, where people reconnect with their essence and inner beauty, I work on many levels, always with a loving, non-judgmental presence, I guide people
not only how to nurture their essence, but how to ignite transformations in others, and experience the world from a space of love and empathy.



Merike Villard

I’m Merike, a collector of experiences through life… I support and serve people through the wisdom of body and energy work. I’m a Japanese healing arts therapist-masseur, instructor of Shindo stretching classes, birth supporter, self-leadership guide, instructor of NTB breath-work and DearmouringArts practitioner. I love Japan and Japanese culture. My conscious journey started a couple decades ago when I entered the world of Kundalini yoga. Deeper wisdom and awareness of the body and energies have come from the experience in Chinese medicine and learning various Japanese healing therapies. Shamanism, listening to the rhythms of nature and connection with the invisible world is my daily practise.


L.A. California

Rahi Chun

I’m Rahi, and I love holding sacred space. I recognise how my path of meditation, from Zen to the Vipassana and Kundalini lineages, has guided my journey to the mind, body and spirit modalities which have evolved into Somatic Sexual Wholeness. Listening for how the client’s sense of safety and readiness wants to be met, I combine NeuroAffective Touch, TRE, Sexological Bodywork, Spiritual Psychology, and DeArmouring in service to the client’s intention.


Marco Jellema

Hi, I’m Marco. I work from the heart to create a pure, clean and safe space to transform anything in you that may arise.
A sensitive conscious touch and listening to the body guides me where I need to be, in order to help you the most.
With my strong grounding presence and loving energy I help my clients get in touch with their inner wisdom, increase self-love, release trauma, feel their body more, and connect with their inner child.



Ilona Bezema

Hi, I’m Ilona. People who work with me are touched by the way I connect. I touch their soul with unconditional love.
A certified holistic bodyworker and dearmouring practitioner, am devoted in guiding dearmouring, and tantric dearmouring where my clients are empowered and supported in their growth and healing of (sexual) trauma. I fuse love, joy and depth with an open heart and loving presence. I started out as a yoga teacher and later developed through Holistic Therapy, Reiki, Dearmouring, shifting and expanding consciousness and Wataflow. My intuition became my guide through Tantric and Shamanic path. I live in Portugal in nature after enjoying a nomadic lifestyle and travelling in a van with my family for few years.



Maries Kouters

I’m Maries, a certified sexological body-worker with lots of experience in the field of holistic massage, dearmouring, breath-work, yoga & emotional release. With my strong presence, trustworthy energy and sensitive touch, I bring a grounded and loving attention from heart to heart in all my sessions. By learning to listen to the wisdom of the body my clients are able to live authentically, feel passionately alive, and enjoy their bodies.
I have a unique way to unite the body & soul, and to create body
awareness through conscious touch, using my own energy flow and intuition.

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