Induction – Dearmouring Retreat, Spain: 15-21 May 2023

Induction Experience – Dearmouring Retreat
“ You will leave feeling empowered, lighter, joyful, passionate, and more fulfilled!”
At the 7-day Induction Dearmouring Retreat you will tap into a world of personal growth and transformation. With decades of experience in the field of human potential, Susanna and De’an will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. You will learn to unlock the power of your subconscious to create positive change in your life.
Through the teachings, you will discover the courage to take risks and find the strength to become the best version of yourself. The Induction Dearmouring Retreat is not just about learning, but also about putting into practice the knowledge and wisdom that you will gain.
You will leave the retreat feeling empowered and inspired, ready to take on any challenge that life may bring. This is an opportunity to learn from two experienced teachers who have dedicated their lives to helping others unlock their potential.
If you are looking to grow, heal and transform, then join on this journey of personal development and transformation.
What previous participants say about it:
What will you get:
• You’ll go through many processes and experiences that will help you let go of your armor and provide healing
• You’ll learn great tools for your everyday life that will help you transform the quality of all your relationships
• The total experience will touch you deeply in many aspects of your being, producing lasting transformation
• You will leave feeling empowered, passionate, alive, open, free, lighter and happier
This is is for you, if you:
◦ Wish to do personal healing work, become more empowered, get to know yourself more, are ready to let go of old habits and limiting patterns and be open to more freedom and joy
◦ Want to release and clear stuck/blocked emotions and unwanted patterns of behaviour and being
◦ Interested in sexual healing
◦ Are hungry for a change and ready to transform your life
◦ Have little or no previous experience in any kind of bodywork, energy work or tantra
◦ Have some experience in receiving bodywork, energy work, or tantra and want to expand on that experience
◦ Are considering entering the world of sexual healing and body dearmouring as a practitioner but need more depth and skills to attend our practitioner trainings
◦ Have completed one of our trainings and wish to peel more layers and boost yourself further
◦ Are a professional bodyworker, sexual healer, tantric massage therapist, or a practitioner of other healing modalities and wish to deepen your personal container
Program includes:
– Daily one on one processing in the group
– Emotional release & healing that will leave you lighter and clearer than ever before
– Basics of body dearmouring: Practice and understanding of emotional patterns and how to work with them
– Boundary setting: Understanding and clarifying your boundaries in relating and life in general
– Sexual healing techniques
– Internal dearmouring yoni/lingam
– Space holding basics: How to create a space of trust, safety and relaxation for another so they surrender and show up in deep vulnerability. Becoming aware of the power of the “space” you create
– Trust and surrender: Practicing ways to open to divinity and your heart’s longing
– Breathwork: You will practice daily powerful breathing techniques to help you access deep layers of your being
– Non-verbal communication: Helping you become socially masterful, eloquent and confident
– Powerful and unique processing circles
15-21 May 2023
Amara Valley Nature Retreat, Spain
Includes workshop, accommodation and delicious vegetarian food
– €1,690 Double room – 6 VAT included
– €1,550 Nice comfy tent – VAT included (two slots only)
To secure your place we require €500 non-refundable deposit. Full payment by the beginning of the retreat.
To register send mail to:
Cancellations policy:
If you pay in full and cancel your participation before 15th April 2023 we will refund your money minus €500 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after 15th April 2023 we will NOT refund any money to you.
Dearmouring practitioner & co-founder of “DearmouringArts”. My own life is my personal laboratory of the human condition and transformation. Over the past 34 years I have continuously and relentlessly worked and experimented on myself. Fields I have explored include human dynamics, cathartic release work, energy work, tantra, communication, healing, mens’ work, breath work, shamanism, coaching, magic, sacred medicine, meditation, dance & Biodanza.
SUSANNA BEATRICE(former Sanna Sanita) –
Tantra and dearmouring teacher (co-founder of the “DearmouringArts”), embodiment and empowerment expert & spiritual amplifier. Sanna is passionate human potential & spiritual awakening and all her work goes under the umbrella of liberation. She believes in living fully freely embodied as a human being and cultivate deep relationship with source. Currently, Sanna travels the world, sharing various forms such as tantra, dearmouring, spiritual awakening, empowered living through private sessions, trainings, workshops and seminars. She is a power house of love and joy, she holds a space with much humour and at times fierce love.


May 15 - 21 2023
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