Meet Your Authentic Self, Tallinn, Estonia: 5 – 7 May 2023

  • Are you longing to have truly meaningful and authentic connections with yourself and others?
  • The course will provide personal transformation, and the space where the authentic self can show up.
  • Lean into your fear, become familiar with it, and move through it using Body, Sound and Breath.
  • Within these 3 full days we’ll use: Meditations, Interactions as a group and in Pairs, Self-Realisations and Bodywork.


We will learn and practice:

  • Body:
    – How to navigate though life using body reading skills
    – Increasing body awareness
    – How to touch someones body and open it deeper
    – Building trust through body contact
    – The Touch of Love


  • Breath:
    – Get deeply intimate and close to yourself, therefore becoming a sharp and finely tuned instrument.
    – Enhance your authentic self, reaching the depth of your Being using your own breath.
    – Learn to direct your breath into specific parts of the body.


  • Sound:
    – Resonate with your true self, therefore becoming one with it, opening yourself deeper into trust towards yourself and the world.
    – Encouraging yourself to use your sound to amplify and direct the movement and release of energy.
    – Learning how different frequencies affect your energy.
    – Using sound like an invisible finger to penetrate the body and touch parts deep within it.
You’ll be in the supportive space of your instructor and helpers who are all committed to create a powerful group learning environment.
Mutual trust and respect, intimacy and transparency, compassion, and acceptance of what arises in the moment are core values practised in this workshop.
Workshop is held in English, but the essence will be translated into Estonian, if needed.
What to bring:
– Comfortable clothes,
– Water bottle
– Blanket
– Your vulnerable self who is ready to get as authentic as possible:).
There will be lunch break and lots of nice restaurants around the corner.
Days will be long and intense, inner work combined with movement and interactions with others.
5.05 – 12.00-19.00
6.05 – 10.00-21.00
7.05 – 10.00-18.00
320 Euro
Questions and registrations: Suusi –


May 05 - 07 2023
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