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Welcome to The Integrity Lab!

3 Hour Zoom Session




– Opening up The Depth of Integrity.
– What is Integrity?
– The Scope of It’s Importance.
– Understanding the Way It Touches and Shapes Our Lives.
– Practical Ways to Sharpen It Up, and How to Bring It In.​


Integrity Lab is:

  • Potent Online Experience
  • Relaxed and Upbeat Learning Environment
  • Facilitating Progressive Transformation in Your Life
  • Place to Practise Techniques and Teachings
  • Continuously Adding New Material to Your Tool Kit
  • Ongoing Support
  • Coaching Platform
  • Community Building
  • Sharing Space


Integrity is:

  • Being with Clear Conscious
  • The Backbone of our Being
  • Strong Integrity Equals Powerful Living
  • Living my Hearts Truth, and Honouring my Word
  • Living Experience of Creative Power in Action


The way that looks in real life is like this:
– I only do actions which are in line with my heart and inner knowing of what’s just and right, and what is not.
– It means being true to my inner self, and being brave to express and honour it.
– Practise of integrity also includes saying “no” when I don’t feel like doing something, or engaging with someone.

There is no integrity in doing something just because I didn’t want to upset someone’s feelings, or because it was easier to do it, then to say no. If I do something just because it’s easier, instantly I feel less powerful, I feel weaker, and then silently beat myself up about it afterwards, or justify it by saying… “O well, it wasn’t that bad”.

That’s a slimy behaviour and it leads to a life of pity and guilt.

It’s infinitely more powerful and true to say “thank you for the offer, and, no thank you. I would rather do something else at this time”.

I am a good example of this awesome process in action. At 35 I was someone who had no integrity and no tangible way of creating anything meaningful in my life. I felt confused, suppressed, unexpressed and pent up in most areas of my life. I was not happy and not fulfilled… I realised something big needs to change if I am to ever start living life the way I always wanted to.
The answer was work with Integrity. Over next few years I completely turned my life around. Until the point I could look in the mirror and say “I like you, and I trust you”.

But, it’s scary to live like this sometimes. It feels exposed and “alone in the spot” a lot of the time. Though the gifts of standing out there with clear conscious are well worth the exposure. It feels amazing, true and real!

Creator creates life by the power of their word alone. If such an act is to occur, the Creator needs to have a powerful relationship with their word.

The core of powerful living is our ability to trust our own word fully.

That means when you say “X”, “X” happens in the world, just because you said it. Your word literally creates your world.

Through vigorous practise of integrity and methodical application of completion processes, which restore integrity, your word grows in power and therefore your ability to create your life grows in power.

Another aspect of Integrity comes from recognising you are on a path of self discovery, or self actualisation, for the whole length of your life on Earth. Even if you don’t think so at the moment, once you begin getting what integrity really is, you will. And you’ll feel compelled to begin acting in line with that new knowing.

We are on this plane of Earth in a lesson. And the lesson is to remember who we are in our essence. As soon as we accept that truth, the practise of integrity becomes all there is in life. Nothing else matters really. Why? Because to be fully in integrity means to be fully aligned with our core truth, or being enlightened. We start looking at our life as spiritual practise and we take it seriously.

Taking it seriously means there is no end to how deep our practise can go. And we start inviting situations in our life that will challenge our ego so we can work through it and transform it.

And perhaps that’s a reason you’re interested in this Lab. To remember how it feels to be in integrity with yourself. To feel electrified and intensely alive.



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Apr 17 2023


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